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Your fuck buddy, Mea Melone is a hot & horny Czech cutie, who's crazy about anal sex and your big cock. She's always part of your life, later she even becomes your roommate but your naughty relationship with her stays on the most enjoyable level: no responsibility, no cry, no problems, amazing sex only... with an always horny and cock-hungry, kinky brunette. Are you ready to be Mea Melone's fuck buddy?
Sex Addict In Therapy - 85871 (10-min.)
We are human and not without flaws. You have your own... you are a sex addict. They say the first step to solve a problem is to recognize there is one. With that in mind you visit a therapist to share your stories and find a solution. But "unfortunately" she is smoking hot... and suddenly the therapy turns into yet another conquest.
How I met my girlfriend: Adriana Chechik & Abigail Mac - 85901 (6-min.)
Who said speed dating is outdated? Either you would never have imagined that you would meet a gorgeous woman like Adriana Chechik at an event like this. Live with the chance then, and manage to escape with Adriana to take her home. How will you act at this unexpected first date? How will you get to know her better? Can you make such a good impression on Adriana that she would even want you fuck her in the ass on the first date already? Let's not forget about your hot and eager ex-girlfriend, Abigail Mac either, who is determined to get you back... But what will Adriana say? Get ready because if you're man enough, you can be that lucky dude who fucks his insanely hot current girlfriend and his gorgeous ex-girlfriend at the same time in a threesome.
Your Fuck Buddy: Wendy Moon - 85530 (6-min.)
Your sweet fuck buddy, Wendy Moon is one cock-crazy, cum-addict minx who has a lot in her kinky mind. And since she is not one for commitment, having you as a fuck buddy is more than a hobby for her - it is a lifestyle. So don't be surprised when she drags you over to involve you in her dirty little sex-games. The question: are you able to keep up with her?
Say Yes! - 85284
Life has so much to offer if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone to notice and seize the opportunities around you. Stop searching for excuses and start living the highest sense of the word. The recipe is as simple as the alphabet: change all your NOs to YESes, and enjoy the naughty benefits.
Home remedies that work - 85053
Is she feeling under the weather? Maybe it's her tonsils... Luckily, the helpful boyfriend is there, with the sure fire home remedies that actually work. Is it the thermometer or his cock that would help her to get better...? Try them both, and see how Prensley recovers... or gets turned on so much that she's temped for hot ass-fuck?!
Sneak In, Sneak Out - 85840 (10-min.)
Sneaking in to an empty house to fuck your girlfriend is an exciting idea... finding a corpse there is a totally different business. It would be wise to leave the whole thing be but you are not wired like that.,, and thus a nasty adventure begins with lot of danger and sex. Will you find out the truth about the events in that house ? Or will you be blinded by the promise of pussy? The choice is yours.
Double anal games - 85061
Isabella Clark aims no lower than to be the queen of anal sex and damn, she is on the right path to achieve that. Double anal, huge toys, fists, or two juicy cocks are all game,as you'll find out soon
The Magic Lamp - 85269
Wouldn't it be great if all wishes could come true? Wealth, fame, power, romance, erotica are all within arm's reach when you have a powerful genie by your side and all you have to do is ask for them. But does it have any consequences? Do free achievements give unlimited satisfaction or does easy success bear bitter fruits?
Naughty College: Venetian Affairs - 85314
Naughty College's talented and experienced professor, Mr. Banderas visits Venice - the city of passion and lust - to provide the institute's beautiful, pretty and quite horny students special classical art courses. The professor takes extra advantage of the opportunity: he gladly checks all the girls' skills himself, and trains them to be the best in every kind of arts... and sexual activities as well.
Fuck Shui - 85815 (6-min.)
Earth energies are everything. They are responsible for our mood, our health and even our sexual appetite... your specialty. As a Feng Shui master you travel from home to home to help ladies in need of some positive energy, but you are also ready to give them a demonstration if they ask for one. No wonder that your friend tease you with the name: Mr. Fuck Shui.
Living Out Hentai Fantasies with Alice Bong - 86492 (10 min.)
You are the luckiest guy in the world. Your cute girlfriend Alice is a type of girl who is willing to fulfill your every perversion. Lately you have been having some kinky dreams picturing her as a submissive hentai cutie. You always fantasized about hentai and cosplay. She is geeky enough for this kind a stuff... Why not ask her about playing a little role-playing game? Maybe she will like the idea and get hooked on it.
Pin Up Pick Ups - 85836 (10-min.)
You love ‘em wild, you love ‘em busty and you love ‘em naughty and these pin-up girls are all those and even more. These girls will use their majestic tits, wet pussy, warm mouth... even their tight assholes... to milk your cock dry and make you the happiest man alive. All you need to do is to invite them one by one and fuck their brains out. Will you do that?
Habits of the heart - 85200
The habits of the heart... what a difficult matter! Let's take this quarreling couple as an example: the sex-crazed wife is cheating on her hubby wherever and whenever she can... No wonder that when he's complaining about her behaviour, his friend arranges a sizzling threesome - isn't this the best way to take revenge on the wife?!
A day with Alecia Fox - 85923 (10 min.)
You are one lucky bastard. Having a girlfriend like Alecia Fox is already a gift, but knowing she is willing to share you with her hot friends… that must be Heaven on Earth. Yes, your flexible gymnast girlfriend spends every kinky moment with you, looking for a way to make you happy. And we both know what makes a man really happy, right? So why not repay some of the favor and do her so good that she will include your name in her prayers? Will you?
An apartment house full of anal lover babes like Doris Ivy, Ashley, Coco de Mal, Lucy Heart or Yiki, where as a security guard you can watch all of them having anal sex through the security camerASS!
Naughty College: Slutty Schoolgirls - 85312
Follow the lead of the headmaster and watch over the naughty schoolgirls in the sorority. Make sure that they behave properly all day... If under the term of‘good girl behavior' in your dictionary is... 1. to have some lesbian fun in the dormitory, or 2. to practice double penetration at the private vocal training, or 3. to collect some gangbang experience at the morning assembly... well, you will definitely do your job perfectly well.
A day with Clea Gaultier - 85868 (6. min.)
You have just met your girlfriend, Clea Gaultier but you two are already inseparable. Don’t lay back just yet: you still have to conquer your queen, while she’s also searching every & each opportunity to please you. Clea offers you a unique experience: you can follow her entire day and be together with her by stepping in the shoes of the people she meets with. This little nympho pornstar girlfriend of yours isn’t shy to eat her girlfriend’s pussy in a dressing room, or fuck the photographer of the shooting... but she still keeps you entertained with a juicy threesome in the gym, and a surprise blowjob at the evening party. What’s more, Clea wants to hunt together with you: to pick up a hot girl in the club and bring her home for a sensual threesome. Are you man enough to keep up with Clea Gaultier and her high sex drive? Time to join the ride!
An apartment house full of anal lover babes like Doris Ivy, Ashley, Coco de Mal, Lucy Heart or Yiki, where as a security guard you can watch all of them having anal sex through the security camerASS!
Corrupt Cop Chronicles - 85823 (10-min.)
You have accepted the local crime boss’, Alyssia’s offer to become her asset. Now she is watching you from behind the scenes: you have to follow her orders, and also convince her underboss, Luna about your loyalty to the crime organization. But first things first: start your double game with the FBI’s hottest agents, Kay and Leal to confirm your position at the police, too. Are you a man with balls?
Becoming Intimate with Nikki Knightly - 85963 (10. min.)
You can call Nikki on many different names: she can be a seductress, a slut, a nymphomaniac, if you prefer. But nobody can deny the fact that she is shamelessly gorgeous nonetheless. And today you can get really close to the brunette bombshell. Do you want to marvel her body? Feel her lips? Impale her pussy? It is up to you what you will do to her until you both have fun. What do you say? Do you want to get intimate with Nikki Knightly?
The Portrait of Lust - 85274
It started as a regular delivery job but somewhere halfway it turned into one of the most bizarre experience you've ever had. The recipient of the package was a guy called Damien Bay, a man who lived in a desolate location near the town. But instead of him you found a homeless man with a disquieting tale, a story that reveals the mystery of the owner of the package, the amazing, still fearsome Damien Bay. Are you ready to hear the secret?
Confessions of an ass maniac - 85276
Are you obsessed with round, jiggling butts? Are you a subscriber of the latest women underwear catalogs? Anal is the first keyword on your internet browsing list? If the answer is yes to all of these questions than this must be ass-mania, something easily remedied with regular ass dosage. And what would be the better way to do it than finding a butt-oriented job?
Totti decides to do a casting to get nasty anal sex with young, sweet teengirls, when Jalace, the shy but sexy cutie applies to show her talent!
The Gigolo - 85496 (6-min.)
Your cute, innocent-looking girlfriend, Anita thinks you are a stock-broker but actually your have a much more exciting job: you are a professional gigolo. Through your agency any decent lady can enjoy a secret, passionate affair with an alpha male by booking you. The frehsly widowed MILF, Cecilia needs to steam out stress. The dirty rich but super bored blonde, Victoria wants to try out a new cock. A horny couple craves for a threesome... Are you ready to satisfy all your clients today?
Damsel in distress - 85079
Little Mickey sends you to his business friend. Your mission is to protect him and his mansion from his enemies. First of all you need to take a tour in this great mansion and for sure, you need to check that everything is ok. Take care about guests and be ready to do everything for them.
The Godmother - 85192
Nobody disrespects the Godmother...! She doesn't allow anybody to escape from the Family, so it isn't worth it to even try that option. Miss Sophie Lynx is the actual candidate who must prove her loyalty to the Godmother... in her favorite language: eroticism. Sophie must satisfy her faithful dogs, the tough bodyguards as well: one by one, or both of them together! Whether Sophie can handle the task? She will definitely obey to Godmother with dirty pleasure!
Someone breaks into your house! Fortunately you arrive home earlier, you can nab the burglar! Punish the sexy slut in your extreme way! With a kinky blowjob, deepthroat, vaginal, anal fucking!
Crazy Rich Chicks - 86004 (6. min.)
Selling luxurious apartments for crazy rich people is a profitable enterprise but as it happens, these people tend to be decadent, fickle and quite arrogant. They used to get what they want and often they want an exclusive service… which may include more than the apartment. Currently you have three very wealthy ladies to make business with… and it is up to you, how successful it will will be.
Soccer Star - 85300
You saw better days: fame, wealth and pretty women were all part of your life until a disastrous failure that put your career off-track. A single missed penalty kick in the soccer championship finals pushed you over the edge to your downfall. But where did things go wrong? And how can you get back to the top again?
New Places, New Faces - 85981 (10. min.)
Moving to a new city and starting a business there is always a challenge. But you never have guessed it will be this type of challenge. Starting with your estate agent, through your busty secretary up to your business partner’s hostess, these ladies seem to give you challenges everywhere. Luckily for you, your manly charm, your confidence, and of course your big manhood will do their magic… if you use them well, of course. So get to it and settle in… you can do it!
How I met my girlfriend: Tina Kay - 85707 (6-min.)
How will you act on when you literally run into the one & only Tina Kay in the park? As her big fan are you man enough to take her out on a classic date? Can you actually keep up with this gorgeous, nymphomaniac energy bomb? If so, then how about anal on the 1st date... what’s more, right there at the picnic table in the park! Ready for the joy ride with Tina Kay?
'The Fallen' - 85301
Every girl's dream is to find the right guy, to marry Mister Perfect who will supply a financial stability and will love the girl until his final heartbeat. Well, sometimes reality is different, like it is in Tina's case: she's been supporting herself and paid for her own tuition. It's been hard at times, but she still managed it somehow...until now. How is she going to get all the money she needs? Follow her, guide her and find out!
The Casting Master - 85514 (6-min.)
You have the most enjoyable profession ever: you do castings with the porn industry's cutest newbies, and you shoot their first ever scenes as well. Today you have two tiny teens, Angel Smalls & Cleo Vixen; the young blonde beauty with sparkling blue eyes, Dakota Bleu, and the cutest, petite filipino girl ever, Scarlet Scotts on your agenda. Are you ready to do a casting with all of them in one day?
Living with Your Step-Sisters - 86157 (6 min.)
You're the step-brother of two gorgeous teen girls. The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, right? Fucking a sexy step-sister is an experience many of us dream about. Just imagine what dirty things you could do to your cute step-sis alone, or even together with your best friend. How about an inexperienced step-sibling who wants you to fuck her tight little ass? These hot fantasies are waiting you to conquer them...
Still a Step-Dad - 85869 (6. min.)
It is not easy to be a step-dad. Especially if your daughters are naughty girls like Lilu or Alexis and your ex still gets horny every time she sees you. And we didn't even mention your daughter's friend who are massively attracted by older men. But you are a natural born macho, you can handle all these things, can't you? All you need is your charm and your big dick.
The Fixer - 86090 (10 min.)
Cleaning up your boss’ mess is an ungrateful job, but this time things take an interesting turn. It all starts with a morning hangover when you find your way on your boss’ yacht with his gorgeous wife. And this is only the beginning. Soon her daughter gets into a picture, then a big pile of money and a sexy woman… and most importantly, an opportunity. So your dilemma is given: will you make a move or will you remain your boss’ fixer?
Having Fun with Natali Ruby - 86186 (10 min.)
What would you do if a gorgeous, mildly nymphomaniac babe like Natali invites you to spend some time with her? She asks for a foot massage which quickly turns into hot sex. Your best friend introduced her to you... and you thank him by sharing Natali’s tight ass and pussy with him.
Brutal gym training - 85046
Trainer Zack is not the kind of man who takes it lightly when someone wastes his time. He determined to put some muscle on Alexa Wild, but apparently the girl finds chit-chatting more important than the training itself. Well, Zack is just about to change it when he shows the girl how to burn calories using his own very special training method.
A day with Cherry Kiss - 86002 (6. min.)
Life is never boring Cherry. Beside her carefree nature and her seemingly insatiable sexual appetite, she is also a very entertaining lady to share your life with. The fact that she is willing to share you with her gorgeous model friends makes things even more exciting. Don’t believe us? Then spend an amazing day with the gorgeous Cherry Kiss and you’ll see it yourself.
Secretary Secrets - 86151 (10 min.)
Your production company has an impeccable reputation. You are far from being conservative. Many young ladies apply to get a secretary job in your office. You offer a very much above average salary, and great opportunities... They just have to agree to the extraordinary job description. Because at your company you expect some... immorality.